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Wednesday, September 17th

Jordan Northcutt
Lissa Stoddard
Tommy Whitehead
Sonia Thorne
Anderson Boyd
Dorothy Williams
Brianna Lane
Charlie Winfrey
Tenaia Nesbitt
Terry Young
Davieon Parchman
Rosetta Mackey
Grannette Roebuck
Danielle Russell
Ales Lindsey
Gary Gardner
Chandler Baker
Cordette Ross
Desha Stanley
Latoya Brown
Ronald Gilkey Sr.
Carl Love
Allison Millbrook
Rudy Stewart
Marquis Irving
Beldan Golatt
Ruth Brown
Amaria Williams
Edward Strong
Cassandra Halford


Larry & Gail Cox
Jack & Elaine Toney
Theodis & Bonita Cochran
Dwight & Gwen Lofton
James & Wanda Banks

Thursday, September 18th

Audra Hulen
Cecil Brown
Jonathan Taylor
Chelsea Winters
Tyler Burch
Donita Lovell
RJ Coleman
Jennifer Triplett
Austin Breeding
Doreen Craig
Sharon Perry
Faye Casey
Braelyn McCoy

Emily & Cory Scarbrough

Friday, September 19th

Cassandra Nelson
Londyn Campbell
John Amaya
Eva Pouncey
Trey Hartman
Betsy Bowman
Chad Russell
Jamie Foust
Cyril Asumcion


Mr & Mrs Charles Bokker
Shawn & Bret Hartman

Saturday, September 20th

Katelyn Gustavus
Kimberly Owens
Cheyenne Finely
Janet Peckham
Angie Russell
Caroline Butler
Michael Andrews
Dallas Shields
Heather Hogue
Emily Holley
Claudia Brown
Virginia Turner
Patrick Lee



Sunday, September 21st

Tammy Downey
Diane Phillips
Lydia Price
Sarah Sibley
Carson Christopher
Lanan Kennedy
Emi Grace Powell
Claire Hill
John Jordan
Doug Thigpen
Roy Dale Like
Charles Bradshaw
Anna Allen



Note: This information is provided as a public service.  Names used are called in by the general public or obtained from calendars or other public domain sources.  Names are used without permission and may be removed upon request.  KXJK/KBFC makes no claims regarding the accuracy or verification of this information, and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.